As a Design Director at Twitter, I built, led, and managed a team focused on evolving Twitter's visual design language.

The team consisted of product designers, art directors, icon designers, illustrators, a program manager, and visual design consultants. Our work would later be evolved, tested, and shipped in partnership with various product team's across the company. During my last few months, I focused on launching Twitter’s Topics strategy, improving it's design and branding system, and finding product market fit.


We proposed a series of foundational improvements to our design system. 

These explorations touched on foundational components like lists, cells, input fields, typography, buttons, and segmented controls. We focused on design attributes like accessibility, legibility, contrast, size and scale, and usage of white space. The goal for this as to make Twitter feel more inviting and easier to use.


We also considered ways to inject color in a meaningful way. 

We leveraged Twitter's primary blue color to bring the voice front and center. We leveraged secdonary colors for clarity, and other colors to represent Twitter's  consumers, community, and brands.


And we applied bigger and bolder typography for headers and headelines.

This was done to improve information hierarchy, add texture and brand recognition to pages that felt otherwise flat.


We explored and commissioned a range of illustration directions, which would eventually inform the brand's illustration strategy.

This work was led by Sandra Garcia and Maggie Long, an Art Director and Illustrator on my team. The illustration work was commissioned by various freelance and independent artists, illustration studios, as well as Sandra and Maggie themselves. 


During my last few months, I focused on launching Twitter Topics.

This work included a visual redesign and brand project, improving how users discover and follow Topics on Twitter, with the goals of increasing Topic follows and engagement with Topic Tweets.


Lastly, I had the opportunity to ship unnique and custom illustrations and animations for Twitter's iconic 'Like' feature. 

By providing art direction and concepts, I partnered with Javier Saldena, a freelance animator at bringing these to life. I also worked with Twitter's Business product team at finidng ways to scale and monetize these efforts.