As a Design Director at Twitter, I built, led, and managed a design team focused on evolving Twitter's visual design language.

Built from scratch, the team consisted of product designers, art directors, icon designers, illustrators, a design program manager, and visual design specialists that helped evolve our visual design language.

Our work would later be developed and evoloved even further in partnership with Twitter's product feature team for all iOS, web, and Android applications. And during my last few months at Twitter, I focused on Twitter’s Topics strategy.

Case studies are available upon request.


The primary and initial mission of our team was to bridg the gap between Twitter's product and brand.

As my team scaled, I conceptualized a few screens as an example to help paint a picture of our mission. The example being that if you saw a campaign out in the world or you were navigating through something as simple as the Settings page or user 'DASH' (aka the left nav), you'd see one visual connection on and off the platform.

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New illurtation strategy

My team commissioned and tested new illustration styles and directions that would be used thorughout the app. These directions helped inform what would eventually ship as part of Twitter's visual refresh.

The illustration work was art directed and designed by Sandra Garcia and Magdalena Long, two designers on my team, in close collaboration with the Brand Studio team and freelance illustrators and agencies.

The illustration and animation work as part of the 'Like' animation strategy was art directed by myself in close collaboration with a freelance illustrator and animator.


My last few months at Twitter, I pivoted back to being an individual contributor, focusing on redesigning Twitter Topics design and branding system and discovery experience to make it more scalable, flexible, and more core to Twitter's expeience.

The business goals were to increase Topic follows to find product market fit while scaling from 2,000 to over 15,000 Topics. These designs were a major factor in the increase of people of following at least two Topics, from 25MM to 100MM in 4-6 months. During this time, Topics Tweets started to see 2X more engagement when compared to Account Tweets.


I designed a new system and anatomy for Topics as well as a new brand identity.

I worked closely with the Design systems team on the design details, Editorial/Curation team in developing a new taxonomy that would allow us to scale this system to over 25,000 Topics, and the engineering and PM team on shipping this work to our mobile and web pltforms.