As a Design Director at Twitter, I built, led, and managed a team focused on evolving Twitter's visual design language.

The team consisted of product designers, art directors, icon designers, illustrators, a program manager, and visual design consultants. Our work would later be developed and evolved in partnership with Twitter's product feature teams for all iOS, web, and Android applications. During my last few months at Twitter, I personally focused on Twitter’s Topics strategy.


As part of our vision, we proposed a series of design improvements that focused on accessibility, legibility, and contrast. We did this by exploring enhancement to various design attributes like spacing, tap targets, color contrast, and typography size and scale.


We also considered ways to bring in color – Twitter blue to represent our brand voice and secondary colors to represent our consumers, the community, and brands on Twitter. 


We explored and commissioned a range of in-app illustration directions, which would eventually inform the brand's new illustration strategy as part of their visual refresh in 2021. This work was art directed by Sandra Garcia and Magdalena Long.


During my last few months at the company, I focused on Twitter Topics strategy, which included a visual redesign, improving  discoverability, and increasing Topic follows and engagement.


I  also had the opportunity to partner with Javier Saldena, a freelance animator on celebrating global events through Twitter's iconic 'Like' feature. While I provided art direction, concepts and ideas, and collaboration with Twitter's Business product team at exploring monetization opportunities , Javier brought them to life with these fun animated illustrations.