In early 2023, I officially kicked off my journey as an independent product designer and consultant.

I’ve had the opportunity to partner with the product team at Sphere on designing and launching various web experiences. I worked with Endeavor Streaming on improving various aspects of their design org’s operations while contributing to their owned and operated applications like UFC Fight Pass, WWE, Premiere League, and more. I developed Expel’s Design System Hub and redesigned an entire iOS app for Wimyx, an early stage live music & audio startup. 

Below are some of the highlights from the work I've done.


A  Redesign and Brand Overhaul for Wimyx, an Early Stage Music and Audio Startup.

Working closely with the two co-founders, two engineers, a product manager, and freelance branding designer, I redesigned the entire  mobile app experience, including a new design system, visual design language, and a more intuitive UX flow for everything from checking into concerts, the camera experience, the audio editing functionality, and the profile page. My time with them also included carefully planning out  their roadmap, how they sequence out the new design work, and designing their fundraising deck.


Various B2B Website and Dashboard Designs for the Sphere.

I partnered with the product team at Sphere, a new entertainment venue in Vegas on developing their web design system and various B2B and B2C website experiences.


A Documentation Hub for Expel's Design System

I led the charge alongside the Expel Design system team at building out their documentations hub for their new design system and documentation Hub. I also contirbuted to their design system and explored new way to evolve it.


Design Consulting and Explorations for Endeavor Streaming

I partnered with Endeavor Streaming on helping them improve different aspects within their design org –  including helping them improve their design process,  the way they work and communicate with their XFN partners, the way they present their work, and more. I also contributed to designs for their mobile and TV apps for brands like UFC, WWE, the Premiere League, WNBA.