Hi. I'm Doug Seidman – a product designer and director based in NYC, currently designing at Instagram.

With over 15 years of experience, I've had the opportunity of designing and leading teams at Instagram, Twitter, GQ/Condé Nast, Vevo, and Huge. I also founded an independent design studio that I ran for a few years. View my LinkedIn profile to learn more. Scroll on to see my work and follow me on Twitter for some random thoughts.


From June 2015 to May 2018, I headed up GQ's digital product & design initiatives.

During my time at GQ, I lead a wide range of exciting and challenging projects including a CMS migration, a phased out and iterative approach to a massive overhaul of our digital presence, and have introduced and tested many new brands and experiences focused around fashion, utility, service, product & commerce.


Starting in mid 2012, I headed up product & design for CNÉ, Condé Nast’s team focused on digital video strategy.

I started out at CNÉ in it’s early days when there were just under 10 team members. I worked closely with this team on developing Condé Nast’s digital video strategy and products, including it’s video CMS, an HTML video player (one of the first ever major HTML players), each brand’s video experience from UX to branding to strategy. I also played a key role in building The Scene, a brand and platform built for premium digital video content.


Vevo was my introduction to the world of in-house design, working at a start-up, digital video and the music industry. I was the design lead there for over 3 years.

In my time there, I was able to experience a multitude of projects including designs for its website, Xbox ONE, Apple TV, Roku, and iOS apps, and much more. I was involved early on in it’s branding and design strategy and learned a ton about user behavior around digital video when it just started to become integral to all online businesses.


Scratch was an independent design studio I had co-founded right after graduating college. While a side business it’s first few years, it became my full-time job in 2012.

I first started Scratch directly out of college as a side business. Most work early on was for family, friends and mom and pop businesses. I left my gig at Vevo after about 3 years to run Scratch full-time. From there, I worked on many projects and clients of all different sizes. After a year, Condé Nast Entertainment hired Scratch to work on their upcoming initiatives. After a great experience early on, I opted to take a full-time role as VP, Product & Design.


During my time at Huge as a Visual Designer, I learned the ins-and-outs of what it takes to create a well thought-out digital experience and what it truly means to put the user first.

I worked with some of the most talented UX and visual designers, strategists, writers, art directors and engineers on many complex and challenging projects, that all had a user-focused mentality. Being a young designer at the time, my time at Huge was, in some ways, one of the most challenging and imperative jobs a designer could have.